Dental Impressions

Precision Dental Impressions for Customized Dental Care

Davenport Dental provides high-quality dental impressions, a crucial step in many dental procedures. Our advanced techniques ensure precise and comfortable impressions for our patients.

Dental Impressions

What Are Dental Impressions?

Dental impressions are molds taken of your teeth and mouth. They are used to create exact replicas of your teeth, which are essential for planning and executing various dental treatments.

How Are Dental Impressions Taken at Davenport Dental?

We use the latest impression materials and techniques for accuracy and comfort. The process involves:

  • Applying a quick-setting material to a tray.
  • Placing the tray over the teeth to create a mold.
  • Waiting a few minutes for the material to set.
  • Removing the tray and using the mold to create a dental replica.

Uses of Dental Impressions

Dental impressions are used for various treatments, including:

  • Orthodontic appliances like braces and retainers.
  • Dental restorations such as crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  • Custom mouthguards and nightguards.

Ensuring Patient Comfort During Impressions

We prioritize your comfort during the impression process. Our team is skilled in ensuring the procedure is quick and as comfortable as possible, even for patients with a gag reflex.

Get Accurate Impressions for Your Dental Needs

Whether for orthodontics, restorations, or protective appliances, trust Davenport Dental for accurate and comfortable dental impressions. Schedule your appointment today.