Dental X-Rays

Advanced Dental X-Rays for Accurate Diagnostics

At Davenport Dental, we utilize dental X-rays as a crucial tool in dental diagnostics. Our advanced imaging techniques allow us to view the structure of your teeth and jaw with precision, aiding in effective treatment planning.

Dental X-Rays

What Are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are diagnostic images that reveal the hidden structures of your mouth, including areas between teeth, beneath the gums, and within the jawbone. These images are essential for identifying issues that aren't visible during a regular dental exam.

How are Dental X-Rays Performed at Davenport Dental?

Our dental professionals use state-of-the-art X-ray technology to capture detailed images of your teeth and jaw. The process is quick and comfortable, involving minimal exposure to radiation. We typically perform these X-rays during routine check-ups or to diagnose specific issues.

What Are the Benefits of Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays are invaluable for:

  • Detecting cavities between teeth.
  • Evaluating the health of the tooth root and surrounding bone.
  • Planning for dental implants, braces, or other treatments.
  • Monitoring the progress of developing teeth in children.
  • Identifying potential dental issues before they become serious.

How Does Davenport Dental Ensure Safety During X-Rays?

Your safety is our priority. We use modern digital X-ray equipment, which significantly reduces radiation exposure compared to traditional X-rays. Protective measures, such as lead aprons, are also used to ensure patient safety.

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