Oral Surgery

Expert Oral Surgery Services for Optimal Oral Health

Davenport Dental provides a comprehensive range of oral surgery services. Our experienced dental surgeons use the latest techniques and technology to ensure effective and safe surgical procedures.

Oral Surgery

Types of Oral Surgery Offered at Davenport Dental

Our oral surgery services include:

  • Tooth Extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.
  • Dental Implant Placement.
  • Jaw-related surgeries like TMJ treatment.
  • Corrective surgeries for bite alignment.
  • Bone grafting procedures.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

We ensure you are fully informed about the procedure, including any necessary pre-operative steps and anesthesia options, for a comfortable and stress-free experience.

Recovery and Aftercare Post-Oral Surgery

Post-surgical care is crucial for a smooth recovery. We provide detailed aftercare instructions and are available for any follow-up questions or concerns.

Why Choose Davenport Dental for Oral Surgery?

Our oral surgeons are not only skilled in various surgical techniques but also prioritize patient comfort and safety, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Schedule Your Oral Surgery Consultation

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