Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment: Saving Teeth, Relieving Pain

Root canal treatment at Davenport Dental is a routine procedure aimed at saving teeth that might otherwise need to be extracted. Our team is experienced in providing this treatment with minimal discomfort, effectively relieving pain and preserving your natural tooth.

Root Canals

Understanding Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the tooth containing nerves and blood vessels, becomes infected or inflamed. The procedure involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the tooth, and then filling and sealing it.

The Root Canal Procedure at Davenport Dental

Our root canal procedure involves:

  • Diagnosing the extent of infection with X-rays.
  • Using local anesthesia to ensure a painless experience.
  • Carefully removing the infected pulp and cleaning the canal.
  • Filling and sealing the tooth, often followed by the placement of a crown for protection.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Common indications for a root canal include:

  • Severe tooth pain, especially when chewing or applying pressure.
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Darkening of the tooth.
  • Swelling and tenderness in the nearby gums.

Recovery and Care After a Root Canal

Post-treatment care is crucial for a successful recovery. We provide detailed instructions on how to care for your tooth post-treatment, including maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding certain foods temporarily.

Preserve Your Tooth with Root Canal Therapy

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or think you might need a root canal, don’t hesitate to contact us. Schedule an appointment at Davenport Dental for a comprehensive evaluation and expert care.