Fluoride Treatments

Strengthen Your Teeth with Professional Fluoride Treatments

Davenport Dental offers fluoride treatments as an essential part of preventive dental care. These treatments strengthen your teeth and help prevent cavities, contributing to a healthier smile.

Fluoride Treatments

What Are Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps rebuild and strengthen tooth enamel, the outer protective layer of your teeth. Fluoride treatments are professional applications of a high concentration of fluoride, providing more significant benefits than the fluoride found in water and toothpaste.

How Are Fluoride Treatments Administered at Davenport Dental?

Our fluoride treatments are quick and painless. After your regular cleaning, a fluoride gel, foam, or varnish is applied to your teeth. It is left on for a few minutes to allow the fluoride to absorb before being rinsed off. The process is straightforward and comfortable.

What Are the Benefits of Fluoride Treatments?

Fluoride treatments offer several benefits:

  • Reversal of early signs of tooth decay
  • Strengthening of weak spots on tooth enamel
  • Reduction in the likelihood of cavities and gum disease
  • Additional protection for sensitive teeth

Who Needs Fluoride Treatments?

While fluoride treatments are particularly beneficial for children and adolescents, adults can also benefit, especially if they are at high risk for dental decay or have conditions like dry mouth.

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